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You've made the excellent choice to study in NSW, and we can't wait for you to start your new life in Australia as an international student. To help you settle in, we've created the

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Through our online workshops and quizzes, you'll get a taste of living in Australia and what you need to know as an international student.

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Life in NSW

With beautiful beaches, bustling cities, diverse regional areas and some of the world's best educational institutions, what's not to love about New South Wales? Learn more about living in this exciting state.

Travelling to NSW

It's time to plan for your move to Australia! From packing your bags and understanding biosecurity rules to preparing for a long-haul flight and the first steps you should take when you land, this is your guide to departing for and arriving in NSW.


In New South Wales, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation options. This course will take you though what to consider when choosing the best new home for you.

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Insights from fellow international students

"New South Wales is a really multicultural place, so you won't lose that connection to home."



"There are so many opportunities to network and meet new people."

"Life in NSW is very laidback and everyone is very welcoming."

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